Beauty Secrets For Acne Prone Skin

Let your skin be truly beautiful.

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    • Everything you need to know about treating acne-prone skin
    • Different types of acne and their causes
    • How your diet affects acne and what supplements can help
    • Ways to clear up your acne, emergency measures, how to properly exfoliate and cleanse!

    If you have acne prone skin you need this easy to read guide covering all aspects of your skin. You need to identify what type of acne you have, what foods are best to avoid, how to clear up your acne, how to cover it up when necessary, and the correct way to pop that zit when you just have to.

    This guide is available for free and it will change the way you treat your skin forever.

    Here is a breakdown of the book’s chapters and the areas it covers:

    1. What Causes Acne
    2. Different Types of Acne
    3. Eating to Avoid Acne
    4. Nine Ways to Clear up Your Acne
    5. Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs for Acne
    6. The Best, Non Pore Clogging Oils for Acne Prone Skin
    7. How to Exfoliate, Cleanse, and Moisturize the Skin
    8. Do-it-Yourself Acne Remedies & Prevention Techniques
    9. Emergency Measures

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