My dermo told me I shouldn’t go on accutane again…

“After going on accutane twice, my skin started to break out once again. I would get two more pimples almost every day. Since I have sensitive skin, they would leave scars that would take ages to go away! My dermo told me I shouldn’t go on accutane again so I did a TON of research on how to clear up my skin because I would spend forever putting makeup on every morning. I found that vitamins can work miracles for your skin so I tried ordering this product. My skin didn’t clear up right away, but I have now taken this for 2 months and my skin is totally clear! I literally don’t even need to wear foundation! I would highly recommend trying these vitamins if you’ve literally gone through everything else like I did. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see a change within 2 weeks to a month because I kept on going and I’m really glad I did!”

Amazon Review from Mandy M.,

After only 2 weeks my skin started getting better…

I love the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack!  I just graduated high school and am really looking forward to starting college soon but the acne on my face was really irritating me.  It wasn’t horrible but bad enough to make me self conscious which I don’t need right now!  I’ve tried a few different products but nothing really did the trick until the vitamin pack.  After only 2 weeks my skin started getting better and now it’s almost completely clear after only 2 months! I’m so grateful for this product.  Thanks 🙂

Cassidy N., female, 18 years-old, San Francisco, CA

Clear Skin Vitamin pack has been an answer to our prayers…

My daughter’s skin is extremely sensitive and topical acne creams cause a severe reaction.  Clear Skin Vitamin pack has been an answer to our prayers.  It has worked wonderfully to control the severity and longevity of her breakouts.  Instead of irritating her skin, Clear Skin Vitamin pack has improved it while combating her acne.  Her skin is healthier, more balanced, and much less affected by environmental irritants.  I was so impressed by the overall improvement in the health of her skin, that I have started taking the Vitamin pack myself!

Sandra M.  44  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

And his Mom is happy because it’s natural…

My 14 year old son started to break out with acne fairly bad this year. Our doctor put him on antibiotics which I was fine with until I started reading about all the negative aspects to antibiotics. I went looking for something natural with no side effects and I discovered the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack. He’s been taking the packs for 2 months now and within the first 2 weeks his skin was as good or better than it ever was while on the antibiotics. And his Mom is happy because it’s natural.

Jason J. 42, Kelowna, BC. Canada

I hardly have any acne breakouts…

I used this product for almost a month now. I feel that this product has worked for me. Prior to taking these pills I had a major breakout. My face has cleared up a lot while taking these vitamins not 100% but still a lot for only a month. I hardly have any acne breakouts. Keep in mind I do wash my face twice a day while taking these vitamins. Overall I would highly recommend these vitamins!

Amazon Review from Tyesha

I discovered the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack… and… my skin is now radiating!

I never thought I’d be dealing with acne at 35 years of age but I definitely am.  I had very mild acne as a teenager and during my early twenties but it had essentially gone away until I became pregnant almost 4 years ago.  During my pregnancy, my skin became horrendous and hasn’t gotten any better over time.  It gets particularly bad during my menstrual cycle and it’s just flat out embarrassing.  I have a high powered job and need to present well at all times so resolving this issue was a must.  Fortunately, I discovered the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack six months ago and I can unequivocally say that my skin is now radiating!  I feel like a new woman and am so grateful to have found a natural product that is so effective.  Thank you!

Sylvia V., female, 35 years old, Los Angeles CA

…its not going to work over night… But it does work!

I’m the girl that wants instant results, when I didn’t see instant results I got discouraged. After a few weeks I saw a change in my skin I’ve never seen before, the acne was healing. I never in my wildest dreams thought my skin ever heal and look better than it ever has. Just remember that taking things orally like vitamins you have to give it chance to work through your system, its not going to work over night. . .But it does work!

Amazon Review from Brittany V.

That is the kind of back acne… I used to have… (emphasis added)

Have you ever been slapped on the back and started to bleed because of it? Not to mention the pain you are feeling but trying to hold back from yelling out, as it was, after all, just a friendly slap on the back from a buddy.

That is the kind of back acne, or bacne, I used to have. It started when I was around 13 and got worse through puberty. By the time I hit 24 it had gotten better but was still there, still embarrassing to take my shirt off at the beach or the gym.

4 months ago I started taking the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack and I have had an amazing difference. I used to to get the below the skin boil like cystic acne on my back, the real painful kind. Those have stopped showing up. The pain they used to cause me is no longer there. And hopefully no more scarring either. My back isn’t 100% clear but its 90% and thats far better than any dermatologist ever did for me.

Put me in the raving fan category.

Tim F., Male, 25yo, Long Beach, CA

These vitamins have done wonders for my adult acne….

These vitamins have done wonders for my adult acne. My face is completely clear and I now only get the occasional SMALL pimple, nothing compared to what I regularly had on my face. It took about 2 weeks to notice small changes and a month to really see a difference. My confidence is back finally!

Amazon Review