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Today’s post is a story of hope for anyone who has a history of genetic acne in their family.

You see, there are still some people out there, including Doctors and Dermatologists, who believe that the right combination of vitamins and diet have no effect on acne.

Hopefully today’s story will help change some of those false perceptions.

Her name is Janet, she lives in Mississippi, and she has lived with acne for the last 43 years. That is, until now. Now her face is clear for the first time since she was 12.

In an email correspondence with the company who makes the vitamins she took, her husband said “Amazing results for two family members. You guys have done what the doctors could not.”

Here is Janet’s story:

My Name is Janet, I am 55 yrs old. I have dealt with acne since I was 12. My mother also had a lifetime of acne and now my 25 yr old daughter is following the same path. When I saw my daughter in so much pain, I was determined to find something to help her.

The many trips to the dermatologist were not helping with the root of the problem. Antibiotics would help, but as soon as you quit taking them, the acne would return and I can’t imagine being on antibiotics for a lifetime. I searched the web for years, learning and experimenting on myself before i would evergive something to my daughter. I read about testosterone being a cause of acne in some cases, so I searched the internet for a natural product that would lower testosterone levels. I read about chaste tree berry and then went on a search for it on Amazon.

I came across the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack by Innate Skin. I was impressed with all the ingredients in the formula and all the information that was available on it. I loved that it was made in the USA. I saw that chaste tree berry was an ingredient in your proprietary blend, so I ordered some and tried it on myself first. It took about two weeks for me and I was totally free of acne.

I then gave it to my daughter whose acne was much worse than mine. She had deep cystic nodules that were on her face and back. She took the vitamins for a month before she saw any decrease in her acne. Now after several months on your product, she has beautiful skin, I would say about 95% clear. If she forgets to take the vitamins for a few days, she will get a small bump or two, but they are very superficial and will go away in a day or two, unlike the deep nodules that would last for weeks.

I personally do not have to take it every day now, I take it 2 or 3 times a week and have remained clear. I am still in shock that this worked so well, especially after being disappointed with so many other products. I am so grateful to the person who figured out the amazing ingredients in this product and how they would work together to help with acne. I can’t tell you what it feels like to know that my daughter will not have to suffer a lifetime of this like my mother and I did.

I hope one day, dermatologists will learn about this and use it in their practice. We had mentioned to our dermatologist several times whether this could be hormonal, but we were always told to talk to our gynecologist about that. So we went to our gynecologist, and their only option was birth control which wasn’t the answer either.

I know the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack™ is going to catch on with time. I want to tell everybody! THANKS AGAIN!

Well, that was Janet’s amazing story. What makes it more amazing is that it is a true story. If you have a family history of genetic acne there is hope with the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack™. It is available on amazon here: Clear Skin Vitamin Pack – 60 Day Supply.