Why It Works

Why It Works

Clear Skin Acne Vitamin Pack

[size px=”16″]So, you’re getting very frustrated about your acne problem. Your breakouts are getting worse despite all the products you’ve been trying that the actors on tv infomercials told you would work. Maybe you’re starting to think that you should just walk around with a bag over your head until the acne goes away! [/size]

The trouble is you’ve been sold on a false dream. Acne doesn’t show up because your face is dirty. There are lots of examples of what some would call ‘primitive’ peoples (although we don’t like that term) who have never even used soap, and there is absolutely no acne to be seen, even on the teenagers!

You see, acne is actually a symptom, it’s not the problem.

What is the Problem?

No matter how well you eat, it is hard to get all the proper nutrition our bodies need with the food available today and your lack of time to prepare it. Vegetables and animal protein just don’t contain the nutrients they used to.

We know you are probably skeptical about us. Why shouldn’t you be skeptical? You’ve spent all this money on other products with nothing to show for it. Why should our Clear Skin Vitamin Pack™ be any different?

First, let’s start by addressing the obvious question—why did your other skin care products fail?

To do that, we have to take a look at how the average zit cream or face wash works. Most anti-acne products try to handle the problem by drying out or exfoliating your skin, or killing bacteria. They try to do this by adding two chemicals called benzoyl peroxide (fights bacteria) and salicylic acid (exfoliates your skin) to their skin care products.

The problem is, your skin is naturally supposed to produce oil (sebum) to keep your skin moisturized. So if you dry out your skin with these face creams, your body compensates by producing even more oil than before, which worsens your acne problem! It’s a downward spiral, where the more face wash you use, the more oil your body produces—and it can seem like there’s no end in sight.

We’ve done a lot of research…

on what makes skin healthy, and have found there are several vitamins and minerals that play a key role in maintaining beautiful, clear skin. If your body is deficient in these vitamins and minerals, then chances are increased you will suffer from acne breakouts no skin cream will cure. We go to the root of the problem of deficiencies and don’t mess around with the symptoms.

During our research and testing we also found some herbs that have special skin-improving qualities, so we combined these with the vitamins and minerals to give you our Clear Skin Vitamin Pack™. You simply take one pack a day, and your breakouts gradually diminish and new ones stop showing up! The result is clear, healthy, glowing skin that gets compliments wherever you go.

It’s not your fault you’ve been sold all those expensive face washes by good looking actors on tv. Do you think they even use that stuff themselves, or are they just paid enough to say they do?

When you are ready to clear up your acne by fixing the vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your body, give the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack™ a try.

We guarantee you will see results or you get your money back with our 75 day guarantee.

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