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Your wedding day is fast approaching and you want everything to be perfect. From the flowers, to the cake, to the music, dress or tux, you have everything planned. Everything except for the one thing you can’t control— your acne-prone skin. You never know when a pimple is going to  appear, and those suckers just find a way to pop up at the worst possible times. Especially when you add in the stress of planning a wedding.

If you think that all you can do is hope with your fingers crossed for your skin to be on its best behavior on your wedding day, you’re wrong! You can plan ahead by starting to take the Clear Vitamin Skin Pack™ at least 2 months before your big day. To help you avoid throwing a tantrum while seriously considering the idea of wearing a paper bag over your head as you walk down the aisle, take a peek at how the vitamin pack can get your acne under control before your wedding day.

The Clear Skin Vitamin Pack™ is a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs known for their benefits to the skin. Not only do the vitamins help your skin maintain its health, but it also gives your acne-prone skin a healthy glow. Now that’s the kind of skin you want on your big day.

Whether you have acne-prone skin or regular, here’s how it works:

With vitamin A, an essential antioxidant, skin cell growth cycles will speed up, strengthening your skin’s protective tissue, and keeping your sebaceous gland activity in check. This means that pores will be smaller, less oil will be produced, and scars and existing pimples will disappear or fade as your dead skin cells quickly shed. Vitamins C and E will slow down the rate of free radical damage to your body, which means that you’ll have less dry skin, fine wrinkles, and lines. Vitamin D3 will act as a defense system for your skin, fighting the acne-causing bacteria, and keeping any new pimples from finding a way to ruin your day. Undoubtedly your stress levels will be at an all time high, which is what the vitamin B2, in your vitamin pack is there for. Vitamin B2 is essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails because it helps improve digestive health, plays an important part in growth and energy levels, and is a stress reducer.

These are just a fraction of the vitamins included in the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack, which means that these are merely a fraction of the skincare benefits. Crazy! You wouldn’t think that vitamins could really do all that for something like your skin but they can and they do. Other nutrients include vitamins K2, B6, B12, iodine, zinc, magnesium, evening primrose oil, organic turmeric, and Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry). Better yet, everything is natural. And they all work together to improve your skin’s overall health and complexion. When it comes to your special day, don’t take any chances. If you have acne-prone skin, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Makeup and cover-ups can only do so much, and you don’t want to be checking your face every 10 seconds for uncovered pimples. Skip out on the stress and do your wedding-day-self a favor by grabbing a 60 day supply of the Clear Skin Vitamin Pack™  on today.


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