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Pantothenic Acid Has Been Shown to Reduce Acne

If you struggle with acne, you may have heard of pantothenic acid for acne treatment. Pantothenic acid, which is vitamin B5, is used as a dietary supplement to help heal acne from within the body.

Pantothenic acid dietary supplements are a natural, alternative treatment approach for treating acne, which many people prefer. That said, what is pantothenic acid, and do vitamin B5 supplements help treat acne?


What is Pantothenic Acid?

Pantothenic acid is a water-soluble vitamin known as vitamin B-5. It’s used by our bodies to metabolize fats, proteins, and coenzyme A. Your body doesn’t produce this vitamin. Instead, you get it from food. Fortunately, pantothenic acid is in various plant and animal-based foods. As a result, nutritional deficiencies of this vitamin are uncommon.

Vitamin B5 is one of the essential vitamins for your body. It has a significant role in the production of blood cells, converting ingested food into energy, and rebuilding body tissue. Pantothenic acid also can help decrease inflammation, heal wounds, and may have antimicrobial effects. Given these qualities, it has been used topically in a variety of cosmetics for years.


How is Pantothenic Acid Used in Cosmetic Applications?

Vitamin B5 can help make skin appear smoother, more elastic, and improve hydration. Additionally, topical products containing pantothenic acid can help reduce inflammation and redness. It also helps some people with skin irritations like eczema and healing small skin wounds.

The success of topical applications of pantothenic acid has led to increased interest in whether this vitamin can help treat acne from within the body as a dietary supplement.


Do Pantothenic Acid Supplements Effectively Treat Acne?

Research on the effectiveness of pantothenic acid dietary supplements to treat acne shows promise. A 2012 study in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications found participants who had mild to moderate acne had fewer blemishes after taking the vitamin B5 supplement for eight weeks.

A randomized, double-blind study in 2014 also found encouraging results. Participants who took the pantothenic acid dietary supplement had fewer facial blemishes compared to the placebo (control) group. Additionally, individuals who took the vitamin B5 supplement had significantly reduced inflammatory and area-specific lesions.

These studies are encouraging. However, further research is needed to help determine the best dosage of pantothenic acid as well as studies with larger sample sizes.


How Does Vitamin B5 Work?

According to Jeffrey Dach, MD, vitamin B5 helps reduce acne formation by reducing oil production of the sebaceous glands through an increase in coenzyme A. By reducing oil production, pores are less likely to become blocked and infected resulting in clearer skin.

Additionally, many people who take vitamin B5 supplements for acne report a reduction in the number of blemishes and an improvement in the quality of their skin.


Are Vitamin B5 Dietary Supplements for Acne Safe?

Both the 2012 and 2014 research studies reported that the vitamin B5 supplement was tolerated well by participants and was safe. That said, you should check with your doctor if you have any health problems, take prescription medications, or are pregnant or nursing.

There are daily recommended amounts for normal body functioning, but not for the amount of vitamin B5 required to help reduce acne. It is interesting to note that experts have been unable to establish an upper limit for pantothenic acid because there are no reports of pantothenic acid toxicity in humans at high levels of intake. Some of the studies we have quoted above have participants taking 2200 mg per day with no side effects.


Pantothenic Acid Has Been Shown to Reduce Acne

While not every acne treatment works for everyone, research on pantothenic acid supplements has shown vitamin B5 to help reduce the number of blemishes. This vitamin can be a powerful treatment that helps heal acne from inside your body.

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