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Blemishes and acne scars are frustrating and can be embarrassing. While pimples eventually fade, acne scars may require professional treatment to help minimize or get rid of them. That said, what can you do in the meantime if you want to cover your scars right now? Fortunately, you can cover your acne scars with well-applied makeup if you wish.

5 Steps to Cover Acne Scars with Makeup

Makeup provides a simple solution to help you cover acne scars, blemishes, or other spots like sunspots or discoloration. Because, honestly, most of us have some kind of imperfection on our skin.

Here are five simple steps to help you camouflage acne scars even if you prefer a more natural look to cover up your acne.

  1. Properly prepare your skin.

Whether you choose to cover your acne scars with makeup or not, starting with clean, properly moisturized skin is a must to keep your skin healthy. Focus on gentle cleaners that won’t irritate your skin. You may also want to incorporate a balancing toner depending on your skin type. Lastly, make sure your skin is adequately moisturized and include sunscreen that doesn’t clog your pores if you’ll be outside.

  1. Use a primer, so your makeup stays on longer.

To help keep your makeup on all day and looking fresh, first apply a primer to your skin. Additionally, some primers can also help your pores appear smaller, which can make your skin look smoother.

  1. Apply concealer with care.

How you apply your concealer is as important—if not more so—than the type of concealer you use.

Apply your concealer in a circular motion, being careful to cover all sides of the scar or blemish. Some people like to first apply the concealer in an ‘x’ pattern over the scar to ensure they fully cover it and then blend the concealer in a circular motion.

Then, gently press or blot the pad of your clean fingers onto the blemish to ensure the concealer is blended on your scar or blemish.

  1. Apply a liquid foundation for even coverage.

To give your skin an all-over even coverage, apply a liquid foundation all over. A foundation or stippling brush can help ensure you get even coverage. Use a circular motion when applying so you don’t accidentally remove your concealer.

  1. Spot treat as needed and use a setting powder.

Let your makeup fully dry. Then, check to see if you have any redness that is still showing. If so, you may need to spot treat with a concealer. Once done and the makeup is dry, you can use a setting powder—either loose powder or pressed powder—to help keep your makeup in place all day. It can also help absorb oil if your skin tends to get oily during the day.


Prevent Acne to Avoid New Acne Scars

While makeup can help cover acne scars and blemishes when you want them to disappear immediately, keeping your skin clear can help you avoid future scars. Despite the variety of products available to help treat blemishes, many of these products don’t help you prevent acne from forming.

If you want to focus on stopping acne from forming—even cystic acne, then a vitamin supplement might be the right choice for you. Many vitamins and minerals can help heal your skin and prevent acne from occurring, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, and more. Vitamin supplements help ensure your body has the right balance of nutrients needed to keep your hormones balanced and your skin clear.

If you want a natural solution to help prevent your acne, check out Innate Skin’s Clear Skin Vitamin Pack. This supplement contains vital vitamins and minerals needed to help keep your skin acne-free and clear. Imagine if instead of having to put so much work into covering up your acne scars, you could just prevent them from happening in the first place?